5 Things Any Girl Would Want For Valentines Day Over Roses.

Flowers. Every guy's go to gift for Valentines Day. While we do love them and we do appreciate the kind gesture; secretly there are about a MILLION other things we would have rather gotten. Sorry guys but its true. Here are just a few things we love, but we don't love to spend our money on because to us they feel like splurges. SO GUYS before you go blowing 50 bucks on Rose's this Valentines Day try coming home with one of these instead! 


#1. Perfume

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a thing with smells. I love all things that smell good; laundry detergent, deodorant, lip balm, shampoo and of course perfume! Currently my last splurge was on Thierry Mugler’s Alien. When’s the last time you’ve boughten perfume for YOURSELF ladies?? 


#2. Hand Creme And A Manicure 

And we aren't talking bath and body works here. Yes we know you can get a huge bottle of Jergens for like 8 bucks but if you go and find a $20-$30 bottle of hand creme she can throw in her purse then stop by her favorite salon and grab a gift certificate to get her nails done she will hit the floor from shock that YOU paid 30 bucks for a tiny bottle of lotion. It will make her feel like a queen! But honestly every time she goes to use it it will make her think of you and we promise that tiny bottle will last a hell of a lot longer than a dozen roses. Here is one we recommend that can be purchased online at Sephora. Origins Rejuvenating Hand Treatment.


#3. Fancy Shampoo and Conditioner

There is nothing that makes you feel more like a queen than taking a shower and NOT using drug store shampoo and conditioner. We actually just found one we love by Monet. They have AMAZING hair care products any female wouldn’t be disappointed in. Don't get overwhelmed with what to choose. Keep it simple and grab the basics, we promise you she will be thrilled for WEEKS to come instead of just a week with some roses. Here is the link to shop Monet's Hair Care Products.




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